Ting Tai Construction Co., Ltd. was formed in October 1976 as a class A construction company and is the first construction company to specialize in slipforming construction. In 1978, Ting Tai entered into a long-term technical cooperation agreement with Gleitschnellbau GmbH, Germany, to upgrade the company's technical expertise. Ting Tai has since acquired the most advanced conical slipforming technology and precision equipment, as well as the use of special construction technique in heavy lifting and jumping form in Taiwan on an exclusive basis.

Over the years Ting Tai has accomplished various projects at home and abroad. Major projects completed in Taiwan include the following:

  • Phase 2-4 extension projects, China Steel Corporation.
  • Chimneys for Taiwan Power Company's fossil power stations in Taichung, Tungshiao, Talin and chimneys for various incineration plants.
  • Extension projects for Asia Cement Corporation's Hsinchu Plant and Hualien Plant, and silo terminal for Taiwan Cement Co., Ltd.
  • Chien Kuo North-South Viaduct.
  • Harbor and coastal projects: piers, breakwaters and LNG storage tanks for Keelung Harbor, Hualien Harbor, and Yunan Harbor.
  • Hospitals: Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, and its Taichung and Kaohsiung Branches, Jen-Ai Municipal Hospital, Yang Ming Hospital, Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital of Kaohsiung Medical College.
  • Architectural works: the Bio-technology building of National Taiwan University, office building for the Ministry of Auditing, the Ta-Tung Department Store in Funshan, the Loyang Street Parking Tower, a staff dormitory for China Steel Corporation, an auditorium for National Chung Cheng University, and the Ting Tai Building in Funshan.

Since 1982 Ting Tai has successfully competed in the international market. Major projects completed or on-going include:

  • P.T. Indocement's clinker silos, cement silos and plant buildings for phase 6-8 projects for a total production capacity of 4.5 million tons per year.
  • P.T. Bogasari Flour Mills' grain silos for a total combined storage capacity of 358,700 tons for Jakarta and Surabaya Mills.
  • P.T. Bogasari Flour Mill's extension project for Jakarta and Surabaya Mills. (Ting Tai's Indonesia branch office was established in 1994. Construction of the mills in Jakarta and Surabaya will be completed in 1996 and 1997 respectively, with a total capacity exceeding 727,000 tons.)
  • Asia Cement (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.'s cement silos on Pulau Damar Laut. (Ting Tai Construction (S) Pte. Ltd. was established in 1995 to undertake the civil works and M&E installation of this job.)
  • Ting Tai International Co., Ltd.'s 300 hectare aquaculture farm in Hat Yai, Thailand.
  • Ting Hong Oceanic Enterprise Co., Ltd.'s supply and transfer bases in Yap, Ponape, Truk, Kosare, Marshall, Solomon, and Papua New Guinea to serve fishing vessels operating in Micronesia, Guam, and Saipan.

From 1987, Ting Tai began to undertake the following turnkey projects: the 60,000 ton grain silos at Taichung Harbor, Wharf No. 3; the 250 m high chimneys for Taiwan Power Company's Taichung Fossil Power Station units 5-8; and the 81m high No. 3 preheater tower at Asia Cement Corporation's Hualien Plant, and the 150 m high chimneys for Formosan Petrochemical Corporation's Olefin Plant.

All jobs were completed on or ahead of schedule with smooth operation, earning the company numerous prizes as listed in the Table of Awards.

On July 1, 1995 the company launched a campaign to pursue the recognition of ISO 9002 International Quality Management System, and achieved DNV recognition in March, 1996 and was granted RvA certification

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